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When your teeth are damaged, it can be embarrassing to smile or speak. Thankfully, porcelain veneers in Naples are often a good choice for many patients to restore their smile. Whether they have stained teeth, chipped teeth, or gaps between their teeth, patients have found a lot of relief and renewal of their self-confidence after speaking with their dentists about dental veneers.

Your Teeth Are Healthy, But Stained

There are many reasons why your teeth might be irreversibly stained. Some medical conditions, medications, cigarettes, and foods can result in near-permanent staining, especially if used over a significant period of time. Sometimes, these stains may be lessened, but often, they become permanent. In the event that traditional teeth whitening cannot correct the problem, dental veneers are the next best choice. Veneers are minimally-invasive and can correct the look of stained teeth easily. They also will resist staining, helping keep your brighter smile for many years to come.

You Have Gaps Between Your Teeth

Many patients have chosen porcelain veneers over braces to fix gaps in their teeth. Sometimes, these gaps are not damaging to the mouth’s integrity or function, but they cause cosmetic concerns. Porcelain veneers can usually be manufactured and cemented onto a patient’s teeth within one to two visits. A dentist’s recommendations should be followed, though. That may mean some form of braces or orthodontic appliance should be worn instead of receiving veneers.

You Have a Chipped Front Tooth

One of the most common uses of dental veneers is to cover a chipped or cracked front tooth. The dentist will scrape off a fraction of the damaged tooth’s enamel and cement the custom-made veneer on top of the tooth. The veneer will restore the look and function of the tooth with less procedure than a dental crown. Only when a molar has been cracked or chipped will a dentist recommend a crown over a dental veneer.