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Though root canal treatments can get a bad reputation, they are actually an essential part of dentistry. Root canal therapy serving Naples can mean the difference between saving a tooth or removing it. By having an endodontist perform a root canal treatment, patients can have an easier recovery time with less pain and a lower chance of future infections.

Your Tooth Can Be Saved

The main reason so many endodontists and dentists trained in endodontics push for root canals is to save the structure of the natural tooth. Instead of extracting an infected tooth, endodontists can drill into the tooth and remove the infection. They will then remove the tooth’s soft tissue and nerves and sterilize the canals. After this process, a dental crown is typically cemented over the affected tooth. This procedure ensures that the infection should not return and the tooth’s overall structure is still intact. By keeping the tooth intact, your mouth can continue to function like normal without recession of the jawbone.

Your Toothache Can Disappear

Many patients find out they need a root canal treatment because they visited the dentist for a toothache. Once the dentist or endodontist conducts the root canal procedure—a relatively quick and harmless procedure—the toothache generally disappears. Root canal treatments are important to return a patient’s comfort and tooth function.

Your Tooth’s Appearance Can Improve

Often, a tooth may begin to darken or discolor due to the infection in the root canals. Once the infection has been removed, the toothache may disappear, but the discoloration may stay permanently. This can be very embarrassing when speaking or smiling. After receiving a root canal treatment, your dentist or endodontist will put on a dental crown. This is meant to protect your tooth, but it can also improve the tooth’s cosmetic appearance. Dental crowns are color-matched to your natural teeth, and they will resist staining. Once cemented over your affected tooth, any discoloration will not be seen and your smile can return to normal.