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A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that fits over an individual tooth. Dental crowns are used in both general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry to enhance your smile by improving the look of a damaged or discolored tooth and restoring broken teeth to their original function. Your dentist at Bayview Dental Arts can provide you with additional information about restoring the look of a damaged or chipped tooth in Naples using a dental crown.

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The Steps to Receive a Crown

A dental crown is a personalized treatment solution that is fitted to your Naples dentistry needs. Whether you want to improve the appearance of your teeth or want to restore a tooth that has been affected by damage or disease, the process to create and apply your crown is the same.

  1. Prior to receiving a crown, your tooth will need to be reshaped to accommodate the size and shape of the crown. The tooth will be numbed and excess enamel removed before your dentist proceeds.
  2. After the tooth has been shaped, your dentist will take an impression or digital image to ensure the crown is shaped properly to fit snugly over your tooth.
  3. The impression or digital images are then used to design and create your crown. If your dentist uses CEREC technology to create your crown in-office, this process can be done during the same visit. Impressions are sent to an offsite lab, where your crown is created and sent back to your dentist.
  4. Once your crown is ready, it is permanently cemented onto your tooth to restore the look of your smile.

Caring for Crowns

Although a tooth that is covered by a crown is protected against decay, the area where the crown meets your tooth and the gum line are still susceptible to disease. Furthermore, crowns can become damaged or discolored if not treated properly, requiring your dentist to replace them. Caring for your crown properly will ensure your smile continues to look and function its best throughout the years.

  • Continue to care for your teeth by flossing and brushing every day, including the tooth covered by the crown.
  • Avoid chewing ice, popcorn kernels, or non-food items, such as pens. Don’t use your teeth to open packages or hold and carry items.
  • If you play sports, talk to your dentist about using a mouthguard. Individuals who grind their teeth at night should also wear a guard to protect their teeth and their crowns from damage.

Bayview Dental Arts offers a variety of restorative dental services, including veneers and crowns made with CEREC technology. Contact Bayview Dental Arts today by calling 239-434-5545 for more information about crowns near Naples.

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