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Naples Endodontist

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the tooth pulp, a swelling tooth, or soft living tissue, of your teeth. A tooth that has been affected by deep decay or extensive trauma such as cracks in the tooth may need a root canal to prevent further damage. If the tooth goes untreated, extensive damage may lead to the need to remove the tooth and replacement with a tooth implant or partial dentures.

Root Canal treatment infographic

Root Canal Indications

A root canal dentist may suggest root canal surgery as a dental treatment for a variety of dental conditions. The most common conditions that require root canal treatment include

  • Severe decay that has damaged not only the outer layers of your tooth enamel but infiltrated the soft tissues of your tooth as well. This condition is most often caused by neglecting regular oral care and putting off regular visits to your dentist.
  • Trauma to a tooth caused by a physical accident, such as a fall, blow to the face, jaw bone loss or sporting accident. Teeth that have been dislodged or knocked out of the mouth can often be replaced by your dentist but may need root canal treatment if the pulp was severely damaged. Cracked or chipped teeth may also need root canals if extensive damage to the enamel has occurred.
  • Long-term tooth grinding, which wears away the protective enamel of your teeth over time and leaves the pulp and nerves exposed. This not only leaves the pulp more susceptible to infection & inflammation, it can also cause sensitive gums that affects your daily comfort.
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What to Expect During Your Root Canal

A root canal procedure is a simple dental treatment that can be completed in one visit and can have follow up restoration when necessary. If you have any questions about root canal treatment or other dental care in the Naples area, call Bayview Dental Arts today at 239-434-5545.

  • Prior to beginning treatment, your dentist will take an X-ray of the affected tooth to visualize the interior and determine the extent of damage or infection.
  • You will receive a local anesthetic for comfort during your root canal treatment. Your holistic dentist may also place a rubber dam around the tooth to keep it dry and contain any enamel or other debris.
  • Any decay is removed from the outer areas of the tooth and an access hole is drilled into the interior of the tooth. The infected nerves are removed from the tooth and the area flushed to remove any remaining debris.
  • Once your tooth has been cleaned, it is sealed with a special compound to help the tooth retain structural integrity. Your tooth will be fitted with a crown to restore its shape and function following the procedure.

Scheduling Your Root Canal Treatment

If you are in need of a root canal or think you might need a root canal, contact Bayview Dental Arts in Naples to speak with our endodontic specialist, Dr. Patrick Carrigan today.

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