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CEREC dentistry has been sweeping the nation as a revolutionary way to make dental restorations. Using digital and 3D printing technology, your dentist can prepare your mouth for a crown or other restoration and perform the procedure to install it, all in one day. This will make the need for multiple appointments obsolete, and you can leave your dentist’s office with a brand-new smile after one appointment. If you see that your dentist offers same-day crowns in Naples, then be sure to ask him about CEREC dentistry.

Same-Day Results

Due to advancing technology, CEREC dentistry allows dentists to scan patients’ mouths, input the data, and manufacture the appropriate dental restoration in as little as 20 minutes. This means that patients can receive their dental crowns, dentures, and dental veneers in one visit versus two or more visits spread over weeks. Patients no longer need to wear an uncomfortable temporary restoration while waiting for their permanent one to be made in a fabrication lab hundreds of miles away. They can see their restoration being made right before their eyes and leave the office shortly after the dentist cements it in place.

More Accurate Impressions

Mold-making is still a common part of dentistry, and it is considered accurate for making dental restorations. However, CEREC technology allows your dentist a way to digitally scan your teeth to get an even clearer picture of the shape of your teeth and mouth. With this scan, your dentist can use CEREC technology to fabricate a much more accurate dental restoration than one that can be made from a mold. Due to its accuracy, the restoration will be more comfortable and likely to stay on longer than one made from a cast mold.

Stronger Restorations

CEREC technology uses high-quality ceramic that is less likely to damage compared to other dental restoration materials. The CEREC-made restorations are more likely to last longer than other restorations. They have a natural feel and can be easily matched to the color of your other teeth. Since CEREC restorations are made from ceramic, they can resist staining and discoloring.