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Have you been hearing about a new form of dental care called WaterLase Dentistry serving Naples? Also called BioLase, WaterLase Dentistry is a revolutionary combination of water and lasers used to fill cavities and even perform oral surgery, all without the pain associated with dental work.

With a WaterLase machine, dentists are able to complete dental work by using laser energy and a mild spray of water on the teeth and gums. The laser and water combination is less traumatic and damaging to the teeth and gums, compared to the normal drill and scalpel of dental work. There is often little to no blood, which means less need of sutures and a lower risk risk of infection during oral surgeries. WaterLase Dentistry also offers little or no pain during procedures. This cuts down the need for anesthetic, making a patient’s appointment go quicker and their day filled with more productive activities. If you are interested in learning about WaterLase Dentistry, speak with your dentist today.