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A healthy mouth is a major component of oral wellness. Even if you have never suffered a cavity or experienced bleeding gums, though, you may not have your best possible smile. Tooth discoloration can take away from your appearance and diminish your overall dental wellbeing. If your smile is marked with noticeable stains or a general yellowish color, talk to a dentist serving Naples. With laser dentistry or porcelain veneers, you can see your discoloration disappear.

Enamel Erosion
Enamel is the outermost part of your tooth and the substance that gives your smile a bright glow. Though a durable material, enamel can erode due to several circumstances. Trauma to your teeth may damage their surfaces. Bruxism can also wear away enamel. Even normal usage can result in reduced enamel in older age. When enamel thins, the yellow dentin that resides below it can show, resulting in a yellowish hue. With teeth whitening treatment, your dentist can brighten your smile and return its white gleam.

Inadequate Dental Care
The appearance of yellow teeth might also be due to your brushing and flossing habits. After a meal, it takes only a few minutes for the bacteria in your mouth to form the sticky substance plaque that adheres to teeth, attacks enamel, and discolors your smile. If plaque isn’t washed off in a timely fashion, it can eventually harden into tartar that only professional cleaning treatment can remove. So to help your smile retain a healthy shine, make sure that you brush twice each day and floss on a daily basis as well. Regular dental cleanings can also minimize the buildup of plaque and tartar on your teeth.

Beverage Deposits
So many of the beverages that people enjoy have a damaging effect on the appearance of their teeth. When dark fluids wash over teeth, they can leave behind deposits that absorb into enamel, making them difficult to remove with brushing and flossing alone. Popular beverages such as cranberry juice, cola, red wine, black tea, and coffee are some of the more common offenders. If you too partake in these drinks, they might be the reason for your discolored smile. To enjoy the clean and bright teeth you want, ask your dentist about his teeth whitening services.