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Three Dimensional Images

GALILEOS shows tooth and bone images which are displayed in three dimensions that enable complete visualization and thus more accurate diagnoses and treatment planning. Conditions such as infection, tumors, temporomandibular dysfunction, sleep apnea/airway obstruction and issues with previous dental treatment can be readily understood by both the patient and dentist which enable an understanding of the condition and the proposed treatment unlike never before.




  • Lowest radiation possible
  • Easy and short process taking less than 14 sec of scan time
  • Immediate virtual diagnosis and treatment planning in one visit
  • Leads to safer and less surgical time
  • Allows easy treatment coordination with other members of the dental team
  • Fast diagnosis provides certainty in treatment, reducing follow-up examinations

The Galileos 3D x-ray imaging provides diagnostically significant findings for all dental indications allowing less waiting time, quicker treatment and treatment security.

Partnered with The University of Florida

Bayview Dental Arts has partnered with the University of Florida to provide our patients with the most clear and concise interpretation of their CBCT Images taken in our practice. Radiologists at the University of Florida formulate a comprehensive report involving all systems of the head and neck. This report is not only extremely beneficial in diagnosing and treating any dental concerns that you may have, but is an excellent scan for your medical health history as well!

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